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Management Assistant Program

David M. Wodynski Memorial Fellowship

Fast Track Your Future in Local Government Management

The City of Long Beach Management Assistant Program offers an intense and fulfilling one-year apprenticeship filled with challenge, excitement, and tremendous opportunities for career and personal growth - not to mention a host of work-life benefits that are hard to match.

Excellent and meaningful opportunities to explore different career options await you, whether you are looking for a stepping stone to launch your professional life, growing a long-term career, or changing career paths. A unique and rewarding opportunity to work in local government exists where you can gain the knowledge and skills to be effective local government practitioners and make a difference in a community. An opportunity to be a highly valued integral player on the City team makes the City of Long Beach the employer of choice.

The City of Long Beach is no longer accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Management Assistant Program. Please visit the website in Fall 2017 to apply for the 2018-2019 cohort.

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and Application Information

We are looking for Management Assistants who will provide the following:


Bring fresh perspectives to the organization about public administration and public policy from top research and professional institutions and offer unique outside perspectives and experiences to the organization.


Provide enthusiasm and focused energy to important high-priority City projects.


Play an important role coordinating, facilitating and managing priority city projects that require the involvement of multiple departments.


Be dedicated to becoming effective leaders by gaining experience in many different aspects of local government, which is a benefit to them and the City whether they transition to other positions in the City or go on to become leaders in other communities across the country.