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Emergency Communications and Operation Center
2990 Redondo Ave, Long Beach, CA 90806
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General Information

Emergency Communications and Operation Center
Phone: 562.570.9250 Fax: 562.570.9254
Email: LongBeach-EOC@longbeach.gov

Department Staff

Reginald Harrison, Director
Phone: 562.570.9460
Email: reginald.harrison@longbeach.gov

Mahalia Sanders, Secretary
Phone: 562.570.9250
Email: mahalia.sanders@longbeach.gov

Leslie Untener, Administration Manager
Phone: 562.570.9490
Email: leslie.untener@longbeach.gov 

David Ashman, Disaster Preparedness Manager
Phone: 562.570.9251
Email: david.ashman@longbeach.gov

Suzy Burns, Grants Coordinator
Phone: 562.570.9252
Email: suzy.burns@longbeach.gov

Allie Bright, Disaster Preparedness Analyst
Phone: 562.570.9480
Email: allison.bright@longbeach.gov