Last year after the implementation of Office 365 we also obtained the licensing for the use of SharePoint. Our plan is to overhaul the City’s current intranet and build out a new intranet solution, LBNet, based on SharePoint to offer “game-changing” transformation opportunities in the way that the City works internally. SharePoint will provide City departments with a set of standard collaboration and content management tools as well as a document library and an enterprise search function. In addition to backending LBNet, SharePoint will also provide many valuable features that will be extensively used throughout all departments. Here is a sampling of some of these features and benefits:

  • Provide easy-to-use content management for departmental and City-wide Intranet content.
  • Provide collaboration tools for all City departments that will facilitate information sharing across departments and improving efficiencies when working on team projects.
  • Improve the efficiency with which all City employees will be able to locate documents by providing a centralized searchable document repository.
  • Improve meeting productivity through collaboration tools and email integration.
  • Improve collaboration productivity through document management, discussion groups, blogs, tasks management and status report management.
  • Allow end-users to publish Intranet content on their own (independent of TI).
We anticipate being able to start this exciting project sometime in 2015 once we have rolled out the new City internet site (see below for more information.)