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Community Partnership

An important aspect of effective government is civic engagement, and in the world of technology having strong relationships with the Long Beach technology community brings many benefits. We work closely with two groups of constituents whose members are considered experts in their respective fields and we are very proud of the ties we have built with our local “tech-community” and appreciative of their experience and involvement in government technology activities.

Technology and Innovation Commission

Established: 2014

The Technology and Innovation Commission shall advise and make recommendations to the City Council on matters pertaining to technology and innovation within the City.


  • Advise the Council on new technology, including research, development and operation of new technology.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas to increase the effectiveness of information technology management.
  • Support and assist in the strategic direction and implementation of information technology and communication.
  • Assess new technology to assist the City in improving efficiency, quality and accountability.


Rob Korinke (chair), Cindy Hanks (vice-chair), Milton Arcos, Juan Lopez, Andrew Schrock, Gwen Shaffer, David Ferrell

Citizen Technology Advisory Committee (CTAC)

Established: 2004

The purpose of CTAC is to help the City Manager identify and apply new information and communications technology to improve service delivery to both City departments and the public.


  • Reviewing and commenting on the current use of technology and service approaches.
  • Providing feedback on the City's future technology plans.
  • Assisting City staff in exploring the feasibility of new technology.
  • Serving as informed communicators to others in the community of current policies, activities, and plans of the Technology & Innovation department.


Marilyn Bohl, Curt Gibbs, Brian Jackson, Carol Jacoby, Jerry Jacoby, Mat Kaplan, Kristine MacRae, Leonard Simon, Arline Walter