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The City of Long Beach is committed to open and transparent government. Records maintained by the Long Beach Police Department, which are not exempt from disclosure, are available for inspection and copying in accordance with the California Public Records Act (PRA) upon receiving a request that reasonably describes an identifiable record(s).

Policies & Procedures

The L.B.P.D. has made some of the most frequently requested sections of its department policies readily available, outside of the PRA process. The posted sections include areas such as personal conduct, administrative processes, patrol operations, and investigative procedures. To access these policies, visit the Policies & Procedures page.

PRA Process

Please make your request in writing using the Public Records Request Form. To specifically request calls for police service, please make your request in writing using the Calls for Service Request Form

Your completed form may be submitted by using one of the methods listed below:

  • USPS: Mail your completed form to:

    Sergeant Byron Blair - Office of the Chief of Police
    Long Beach Police Department
    400 W. Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802

  • Email Address: LBPD-PRARequest@longbeach.gov   
  • In Person:You can deliver your completed form to the Long Beach Police Department Headquarters Business Desk located at 400 W. Broadway

For questions, please send an email to Sergeant Byron Blair.


Responsive documents totaling 40 pages or more will be charged $0.10 per page (black & white). Additional charges may apply for specialized copying.

Fully loaded personnel costs of the employees working on computer programming to locate information may be applied. In the event that such charges will be incurred, the requestor will be notified and all fees must be collected prior to running the program.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please contact the Media Relations Detail at (562) 570-5273, or via email at LBPDMediaRelations@longbeach.gov