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Disclaimer Statement
The Long Beach Police Department Policy Manual is subject to as-needed, frequent updates based on best practices or changes in local, state, or federal laws. No warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information posted herein is made. Below are some of the most frequently requested policies from the LBPD Manual:

Section 1.1 Department Manual  

Section 2.0 Structure Rank and Responsibilities

Section 3.0 Personal Conduct

Section 3.10 Unlawful Harassment Complaints

Section 3.48 Internet Usage

Section 6.1.7 Chaplaincy Program

Section 6.2 Court Affairs

Section 6.3 - Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Section 6.5.4 Search of Arrestees

Section 6.8 Training

Section 6.8.5 Firearms-Shooting Policy

Section 6.8.6 Authorized Firearms

Section CCW-Retired

Section Use of Chemical Agents

Section 6.8.16 Reserve Police Officer Selection Process

Section 7.1.1 Calls for Service

Section 7.1.2 Use of Force

Section 7.1.7 Vehicle Pursuits

Section 7.1.17 Arrest-Private Persons

Section 7.1.23 Prisoner Transport

Section 7.1.25 Disposition of Dependent Children Taken Into Protective Custody

Section Communication With People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Section Critical Incident Debrief

Section 7.5.11 Electronic Control Device

Section 7.7 Police Service Dog Unit

Section 7.8 Body Worn Camera Policy

Section 8.1.2 Firearms-Discharge Resulting in No Hit or Injury or Death

Section 8.1.6 Firearms-Shooting Review Board

Section 8.1.7 In-Custody Death Review Board

Section 8.1.8 Hate Crimes and Hate or Bias Motivated Incidents

Section 8.1.14 Domestic Abuse Response Team

Section 8.1.15 Sexual Abuse Response Team

Section 8.5.11 Registration of Sex, Drug or Arson Offenders

Section 8.6.1 Lewd Conduct Investigations

Section 9.2.1 Notification to School Authorities of the Arrest of School Employee