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Noise Monitoring

The City of Long Beach has adopted a Community Noise Ordinance (Section 8.80.010) to address loud noises that may impact residents, businesses and visitors. Noises that may exceed noise control standards include:

  • Amplified music from nightclubs
  • Loud stereos and TVs
  • Leaf blowers
  • Air conditioners and other equipment
  • Construction
  • Parking lot sweepers
  • Delivery noises
  • Use of power tools

A Noise Control Office has been established in the City Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) for enforcement of the Noise Control Ordinance.

  • Loud talking, screaming, yelling, doors slamming and vehicle noises are considered as disturbing the peace and are handled by the Police Department.
  • To report a noise disturbance which requires an immediate Police response dial 9-1-1.
  • To report a non-emergency noise disturbance, please call the Police at 435-6711.
  • To report airport noise, please call Airport Noise Abatement 570-2678.

For further information, please see How to File a Noise Complaint in the City of Long Beach or call 562/570-4126. A Noise Complaint Request Form (available at the Environmental Health Bureau, Room# 220) may be filled out and mailed/FAXed (562/570-4038) to the DHHS.

Per follow-up instructions, if the noise source continues to occur two weeks after registering the complaint, a Noise Complaint Form and Petition are to be filled out and sent to the DHHS.

Variances may be granted for exemption from provisions of the Noise Ordinance. A Noise Variance Application may be submitted for consideration by the City Noise Control Office. 

For additional information, please see City of Long Beach Municipal Code Chapter 8.80 for the City of Long Beach Noise Ordinance.