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Emergency Preparedness Plans 

You are in the best position to know your family's abilities as well as their needs during and after an emergency or a disaster. You can ease the stress of an emergency situation by having a plan your family will use in a disaster. Once you have prepared your family disaster plan and you have assembled your emergency kits, you will need to consider what actions you can take before, during and after a disaster to reduce the impact on your family. A variety of emergency scenarios are discussed in the attached documents and suggested action plans provided for your consideration.

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Utilitieslogo_1 Acts of Terrorism
earthquakelogo_4 Earthquake Plan
heatlogo_4 Excessive Heat
firesafetylogo_5 Fire in Your Home
chemicaldangerlogo_4 Household Chemical Emergencies
severeweatherlogo_1 Severe Weather
tsunamilogo_1 Tsunami Plan
Utilitieslogo_1 Working Safely with Utilities in an Emergency